Friday, May 19, 2006

Preparing for upcoming shows

It's getting to be a lot of last minute work getting everything ready for the upcoming shows in June (3 and 5 weeks away). At the moment, I'm working on building up inventory. I have all of the pictures I want picked out and prepared (24 of them), and each one has been framed up once, and a few also have prints matted up in other sizes. Now my goal is to get every single photograph matted up in 3 different sizes(8x10, 11x14, and 16x20), 2 of each size. In the process of doing so, I just purchased 20 more sheets of matboard, a case (25 sheets) of foam backing board, and 300 clear plastic sleeves (100 in each size). I'm going through the time consuming task of cutting up all the mats. I also purchased a roll of bubble wrap and made sleeves out of it to hold and protect my framed prints.

Still on my todo list (which grows as fast as it shrinks):
1)Order plastic bags for the customer to carry their purchased prints
2)Get some clamps to help secure the top even better in case it gets rainy/windy
3)Test out my credit card processing (I have the equipment, but I'm still waiting for the service contract to arrive)
4)Setup some sort of shelf on the grid wall, so I can use it as a writing surface when I write up the sales slips.
5)Continue working on the inventory.
6)Do a trial run with my wife for setting up the whole display.
7)Create a list of all materials to bring to the show.
8)Buy or build my display bins for the prints
9)Get some sort of cart to help carry things back and forth from the car to the booth
10)Make certificates of authenticity for the prints
11)Make business cards.
12)Remember what else I forgot to put on my todo list

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