Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spring at the Henry Ford Estate

I've been so busy with getting ready for art shows and other stuff that I really haven't had much opportunity to go out on any photography outings since I went to the arboretum earlier this year. However, on Saturday, I made a trip up to the Henry Ford Estate to take a walk through the trails around the lake.

The scilia (little purple flowers) have been coming up and have spread like wildfire around the lake. It made for quite a nice view. However, it also reminded me how much you have to capture a moment when you can. I had been looking at the scilia all week thinking "wow that's such a beautiful sight". However, by the time the weekend came around and I got out to take pictures on Saturday, it seems as if the flowers aren't as full as they were during the week. I think the green leaves on the flowers have grown enough to overpower the purple. Looking at them today from a distance (as I do all week),it seems the once vibrant purple clusters are nearly invisible in the midst of the grass. I can only imagine what sort of photos I might have taken had I gone 3 or 4 days earlier, when the purple was seemingly at it's peak.

Anyway, here are a couple of the photographs I took which I liked best:

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HumpreyCogay said...

Hi ron nice captures. I'll bookmark your page so that I can come back to see more...