Monday, June 04, 2007

Improving my presentation - Part 8: Better Signs

So far in this series,I've talked about, bigger prints, better framing, and better matting. To wrap up this series, I'll address the last major area for this year's big round of improvements: better signs.

Improving my signage isn't such a drastic overhaul, as some of my other changes were. It's more just a series of little details that come together to give a more professional appearance.

The first area to be addressed here is name/price tags for my framed prints. Previously, I just printed up some basic black and white tags on card stock. Those tags contained just the name of the photograph and the price. Now they have a subtle certificate-like border, and contain the title, location, date photographed, brief description of the scene, brief description of the print/media, and price for the photo framed and unframed. All of this information fits on a card about 3.5"x2.5" in size. Finally, to protect the cards, I found some inexpensive 10 mil laminating sheets that don't require heat to bond together.

Next up is to replace pricing signs, for both the matted prints and for my greeting cards. Not a lot to describe here...I just need to make them a bit prettier and to include the new print sizes and matting options. For these signs, I also found some 3 mil laminating sheets.

Finally, I obtained a roll of 17" wide indoor/outdoor vinyl for my new printer. My intention is to make some sort of sign for my business. However, at this point I've been too busy worrying about all the other details to get this one worked out. I was hoping to have a sign ready for my first show, but I don't think that is going to happen now. Hopefully I'll have it done in the 2 weeks before my next show.

That mostly concludes all the changes I'm making for this year. Perhaps in a month or so I can try to followup with some photos of the results of some of these changes. Until then, I've got a list of items I've been wanting to write about but been putting off to avoid interrupting this series.

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