Friday, March 31, 2006

Artshow prep work

Just an update on what's going on. Yes, I haven't posted much lately. I had a few distractions. As I mentioned before, my power supply failed. Took a while for the new one to come in. Then I had some car problems, then a toothache. Several things to divert my attention or put me in the mood to not work much. However, I did get a few things done.

I went through my catalog of photos over the last 2 years and came up with 5 more that I really liked. Actually, they were all photos I had considered I liked, but wasn't really sure they were worth the effort. Well, I went through, fixed them up, printed them, framed them, and I love them. It seem a lot of times I look at a photo that I really like, think to myself it really won't work as a sellable product, and then love it once it's framed.

I also went to pick up some more colored matboard and was a slight bit irritated that they were no longer carrying a few of the colors I had been using. They had some similar colors available, but now I realize I can't necessarily count on them having exactly what I want. I might have to consider going with an online who will keep consistent in precisely what they sell.

Next, I went to buy some more frames from a different store and discovered that they are no longer selling one of the particular styles I was using in the correct size. Once again, I may have to consider switching to a more consistent supplier.

I need to get busy sending in show applications really soon, as the deadlines for applying are all coming up. Pretty much all the applications require a shot of your booth, so a few weekends ago I set up my whole display and took a few shots. Here's one of them:

I'm having a bit of trouble picking out the art shows I'd like to apply to this year. Some of them are turning out to be a bit more expensive than I expected. At this point, when I'm just starting out, don't know exactly what to expect or how things will sell, and have to expect I'm going to make some mistake, I don't really know if I want to spend $500 or more for a single show. Have to decide quickly. here to read more!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Making Round Things Square

No, I haven't disappeared or anything. I've been really busy the last few weeks, plus my computer power supply failed on me (preventing me from getting any real work done in what little free time I did have), so I've been lagging behind on updates here. So for now, to tide you over, rather than post about something I've done (since I haven't done much), I'd like to post a link to some stuff other people have done...a rather unique series of contests called "Cubism". In this case, Cubism is the term coined for taking photographs of round objects, and manipulating them in photo editors to make the objects have a square appearance. Some of the photos are just plain hokey and of terrible quality, but some of them are very creative and incredibly well done.

Here is a link to the Cubism #7 contest. Near the top of that page is a dropdown box you can use to get to any of the previous Cubism contests. here to read more!