Sunday, October 14, 2007

Second year of art shows completed.

The Northville art show that I did almost a month ago was my last show for the year. After a somewhat disappointing 2006 (where my first show was good, but everything went downhill from there), and a disappointing start to 2007 (where my downward slide continued for the first few shows), things eventually turned themselves around, and I had a pretty satisfying year.

I did eight shows this year, and only the first 2 ended up being a disappointment. Of the remaining 6, 4 were very good and 2 were decent enough that I'll probably give them a shot again next year.

Of the two that were bad, I definitely won't be back to one of them. However, the other I've already prepaid to be at. I really wish I hadn't done that now. When you don't know there are better options out there, you often cling on to what you have and hope things will work out. At the time I had only done one show that was good and it was THAT show the year before. Little did I know the rest of the year would be filled with better shows. Oh well, whats done is done. Hopefully the show will improve and be as good in 2008 as it was in 2006. I have no options that weekend that are good enough to justify writing off the $200 I prepaid in order to go somewhere else instead.

My newly purchased TrimLine canopy ended up not being used. I stuck with my EZ Up for the last 2 shows. I hadn't had enough time to practice with the TrimLine to be comfortable using it. I wanted to set it up a few more times at home first. Since the weather for both shows looked great (not even the slightest suggestion of rain), I figured it was safe to stick with the EZ up a couple more times. I'll start with the new booth next spring.

At my last couple shows, I experimented with a couple of semi-large panoramic canvas prints, and those were quite well receieved. Lots of comments and I sold one of the 2. For next year I think I'll try offering a larger number of them in a couple of sizes and see how they do.

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Victoria Masters said...

Congrats on a better year!

My first show is this weekend (inside show) and I love hearing about other people's shows (pro's and con's)