Friday, March 31, 2006

Artshow prep work

Just an update on what's going on. Yes, I haven't posted much lately. I had a few distractions. As I mentioned before, my power supply failed. Took a while for the new one to come in. Then I had some car problems, then a toothache. Several things to divert my attention or put me in the mood to not work much. However, I did get a few things done.

I went through my catalog of photos over the last 2 years and came up with 5 more that I really liked. Actually, they were all photos I had considered I liked, but wasn't really sure they were worth the effort. Well, I went through, fixed them up, printed them, framed them, and I love them. It seem a lot of times I look at a photo that I really like, think to myself it really won't work as a sellable product, and then love it once it's framed.

I also went to pick up some more colored matboard and was a slight bit irritated that they were no longer carrying a few of the colors I had been using. They had some similar colors available, but now I realize I can't necessarily count on them having exactly what I want. I might have to consider going with an online who will keep consistent in precisely what they sell.

Next, I went to buy some more frames from a different store and discovered that they are no longer selling one of the particular styles I was using in the correct size. Once again, I may have to consider switching to a more consistent supplier.

I need to get busy sending in show applications really soon, as the deadlines for applying are all coming up. Pretty much all the applications require a shot of your booth, so a few weekends ago I set up my whole display and took a few shots. Here's one of them:

I'm having a bit of trouble picking out the art shows I'd like to apply to this year. Some of them are turning out to be a bit more expensive than I expected. At this point, when I'm just starting out, don't know exactly what to expect or how things will sell, and have to expect I'm going to make some mistake, I don't really know if I want to spend $500 or more for a single show. Have to decide quickly.

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The Butt Wiper said...

Where did you get those nice grid walls you used in your booth shot? I really like the look of them. P.S. Your photography is really well done.