Monday, January 17, 2005

Update on Broken Links

Well, it seems that the problem with the broken links is actually due to some serious problems over at It would seem they had some drive failures and have been having problems recovering. From what I can gather, people have been complaining about this off and on for a few months now. No word from them when they expect to have it fixed.

To resolve the issue with the links, I started working on a script that would take the image request, figure out how to get the image from pbase, and substitute the URL in it's place. Seemed to work fine with my test images, but as soon as I went to try using it to fix a blog entry here, I discovered that it's not just a problem of broken pbase external links. While that is a major component of the problem, it also seems a bunch of the images are missing in the resampled sizes, which are what I post in these blogs. As a result, the hour or so of scripting that I just did appears to have been wasted, as not all the images are there.

Even programming prowess and trickery can't seem to overcome this problem. I might just have to give in and find a new place to host these images. I'm disappointed that pbase can't get this fixed any sooner.

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