Thursday, November 18, 2004

Assignment 6 - On Campus Photography

Assignment 6 was an in-class/on-campus photo shoot. We gathered in class as normal, and after a brief talk we were encouraged to break off (solo, pairs, or groups) and go do anything we wanted. I joined up with Wayne and Melanie and we started off by hitting the hallways. At first we were a little lost for what to do. There were a few people studying at tables or sitting on bench reading the paper. Didn't really seem like much there but we started that way. As we wandered down the hall, we peeked into the pottery classroom, and the instructor saw us and invited us in. The was the start of a great series of shots. We got a lot of pictures in there...people shaping pots on the wheel, working with clay, adding details to projects. Lots of interesting pictures. I though this one captured the essence of the class quite well:

After that, we kind of had our courage up to go into more classrooms. Melanie found a piano class and got some pictures while Wayne and I were still working on pottery, but by the time we got there, the instructor didn't want anyone else in the class. So we all headed to the next hallway and found a clock making class. The teacher invited us in, so we took some more photos in there. I think this first shot was my favorite of the whole assignment:

Also, this class happened to be held in a science lab, so I found this great shot:

While Melanie stayed behind in the clock class, Wayne and I wandered out and found a chemistry lab. Not wanting to get in dangerous proximity to the chemicals, Wayne took a shot from the door and then left. I snuck a little closer, trying to maintain safety from the other side of the glass hoods. Then the instructor caught sight of me, and being somewhat interested in photography, he invited me in, asked a few questions about my equipment, and told me they were working with fairly harmless chemical so feel free to walk around. I took him up on the offer, and captured a few good shots (though I think the focus is in the wrong spot on this shot):

After leaving the chemistry lab, I wandered the hallways a bit looking for Wayne and Melanie, taking a few shots here and there along the way. I caught up with them, then Wayne decided to head back to class while Melanie and I headed outside for some shots. After taking a bunch of outdoor shots (a bell tower and some reflection shots off cars and windows) we went into the library. We took a few random shots here and there, then I went for the card catalog computer, looked up the call number for the photography books, found them, and took this shot:

We then went back to class to catch up with everyone else. The instructor had brought in and set up a bunch of his lighting equipment: a black backdrop, a lamp with a directional filter to use for backlighting, a high powered flash which had a preview lamp and was optically triggered, a light reflector, and his hotshoe flash (for those with Nikon cameras). He had been in class with a bunch of students working on portraits. I stayed for a few pointers and took a few shots. Melanie (who works at a photo studio) jumped in the hotseat and started giving us pointers for how they position poeple. While she was demonstrating, I caught this shot:

After a bit more of that, I went outside with the instructor and some other lady to see what they were working on, then I wandered off on my own. I took a bunch of random outdoor shots, caught up with Jake, and we took a walk through the gym. We found the racquetball courts, and tried to take some shots, but I didn't get anything worthwhile. I did find a room where they were holding a dance class, and fired off a few shots:

By then, my memory card was full (for about the 3rd or 4th time). I pointed my camera down to put in a new memory card when the UV filter on my Sigma 70-300 somehow just fell off, landed on the floor, and shattered. I should have taken a photo of the carnage, but I was so in shock, I just picked it up, stared at it, and threw it in the nearest garbage can. I'm not sure how it happened. That filter has been securely on that same lens for at least a month, so I'm not sure how it suddenly came lose. At least it was only a $25 UV filter and not my $70 polarizer. Class was almost over, and I thought that was a good sign to call it quits, so I headed back to class, packed up and headed home.

I have a bunch more photos from the assignment, but I didn't want to make this blog entry any longer than it already was. However, you can view the rest of the photos here:

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